The Island Ghost

What if someone throws you on an unknown island and you need to find your own way out?

What if you can’t speak?

What if you can’t ask for directions?

What if you can touch, feel, listen, explore, sense and communicate with strangers only through gestures?

How does that sound?


Have you ever felt like you need someone to show you the way… Like why is it taking so long for this guy to show up and lead you to the other side of the island – where the boat is waiting to take you home?

What if… this guy is you?

What if you are the only one who can give answers to your own questions and can find the way out? What if you have been communicating and sharing so much, you have forgotten how to communicate and share with the most important person in your life – yourself?

Go out, have fun, explore, touch, smell, feel, breathe…

Listen to your own silence and take a step back.

Where it all began.


In nature.

Through the green forests, clear blue skies, deep lakes, high snowy peaks and early sunsets.

Don’t be a living ghost!

Turn off your phone. Be with your soul where you have taken your body. Fail to bring your soul and you will never truly enjoy even the most amazing places and people.

And have faith. Sometimes you need to get lost in order to find yourself.


2 thoughts on “The Island Ghost

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    1. Радвам се, че ви харесва! Бяхте страхотни! През нощта след острова сънувах разни феи и принцеси и как контролират урагани и бури чрез емоции 😀 Радвам се, че ви намерих 🙂

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