Kids, grown-ups and and chin-ups

Now that article headline sounds weird… Nadia must have been under the sun without a hat for too long… again!

What do childhood stuff and one upper-body skill-specific program have in common? And that photo… How does weighted pull-ups or dips transfer to anything beyond gyms? Gyms are for grown-ups, schools and playgrounds – for children, right? Oh, I know! She must have been stuck in the traffic jam during the early 15th of September morning, passing through some school, full of children running around with flowers for their teachers…🙃 Gotta keep that head in the shade girl!!

Also, you’re a girl, don’t do any pull-ups! This is a guy’s exercise… you don’t want a man’s back do you?

(Watch out for the man’s BACK in the BACKground, people…)

When this program, focused on increasing strict chin-ups performance started, I did not really take it too seriously. Now, on the last day – 16 weeks later, while closing it and looking at this 10kg. plate, laying on the ground, I though to myself:

“Why do we do the things we do when it comes to sports goals?”

People that have ever focused on developing or improving sports, movement, body specific skills know that sometimes the question isn’t simply:


The possibility to push yourself and your limits takes you one step closer to knowing yourself. Playing with and being curious of your own abilities takes you back to a place we have all started to forget…

Our childhood!

Remember that day when looking up to the top of that big tree in the mountain made you feel small and insignificant?

Or that time, when you could’t move that heavy rock from the garden and help your grandma plant her blueberries? Remember that time, when you had to run faster and kick harder to save your dog from being attacked by a pack of 4 other dogs, but you couldn’t? Remember that feeling?

Now, if that felt like a challenge, then you were on my team 🙂

And if you eventually managed to climb that tree, move the rock or run that mile and fight to protect your dog, then you are on my team. 

If you have always been the smallest girl on the team and managed to kick that 1,85m. opponent in the head during a fight on the tatami and dozens of people screamed your name and applauded you and it felt like you could move the whole planet an inch closer to the sun?

Then you are definitely On. My. Team. 


Now transfer that feeling to your first pull-up, first push-up, first double-weight deadlift, first marathon. Do you feel the same adrenaline rush? Do you feel closer to the top of that tree? Do you see your proud grandma’s face? Ok… maybe if she sees you lifting twice your body weight she might get a heart attack so don’t push it 😃

My point is: do what makes you happy (even if it’s a man’s back)! 

And if pushing your limits and playing with your own skills and abilities takes you back to that blueberry garden, then go pull your body over a damn bar, run that marathon, hit that boxing bag, climb that mountain! 

Balance your bodyweight over a big ass swiss ball.

Just make sure you: 

  • don’t jump off an unknown cliff in the sea without being a good swimmer
  • don’t deadlift without proper coaching guidance
  • stay hidrated and take your magnesium supplement before bed 😁

New chin-up record to be set now. And even if it doesn’t work out or if that record isn’t broken, I had fun challenging myself during those 16 weeks and what matters is that I loved every workout, every step, every toy… 

That child still wants to play, it’s just the toys that got heavier 😉🙃

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