Bill Gates vs Petar Danov 0:1

“Ultimately, the PC will be a window to everything people are interested in – and everything we need to know.”

-Bill Gates

Now these are two interesting future Mortal Combat characters. Just imagine: Bill Gates, in his business suit and nerdy glasses, using the most ultra High-Tech weapons he designed himself and which no other character has ever had access to… Versus Petar Danov – dressed in a white dress type of suit, long white beard, sitting on a spiritual cloud, having the most weird songs, movements and dances in his arsenal. If you could just pick my brain and see how that fight goes inside of it… It’s epic! 🙂

And yesterday’s hike decided the host of the fight –  Vitosha. Our mountain.

Now seriously, I love how this place hosts two opposite worlds. It has the most amazing nature, wildlife, green forests, snowy peaks, muddy lakes and leafy meadows. Especially during the workweek, you can go for miles without meeting another human being. Yet, during the weekend on a sunny day, you can meet more than 10 familiar faces during a 3-hour hike. We are so used to it, it appears as if it’s in our own backyard! Just think about the various activities that it naturally hosts…

  • If you are a part of the Petar Danov movement, you can have a spiritual practice called “Paneurithmy” early in the morning every Sunday close to the “Simeonovo lakes”
  • You can take your snowboard or ski and go for day or a night ride after work
  • You can push yourself physically, take a backpack and a grumpy dog and climb right up to the Vitosha highest peak – Cherni vrah.
  • You can take your grandma for slow a walk from the Zheleznitsa village to Bistritsa.

Like – pick one!

The mountain welcomes everyone, as long as you collect the garbage in your back pack 😉

No working hours. It is open 24/7 even for people that appear to have came directly from the city mall – high heels, pocket dog, make up and selfies. As if it knows that masks we wear are just part of 21st century’s social life and technology, masks society pushes us to wear in order to fit in and feel valued and appreciated by others. It doesn’t judge. It doesn’t ask you to change in order to fit in. It welcomes everyone and anyone who for one reason or another have decided to come closer to nature.

I really love this photo and how it relates to Bill Gates’s quote from the early 80s… Although lately, I feel as if at least once in a while, we can make a small correction:

Ultimately, nature will be a window to everything people are interested in – and everything we need to know.”

This is what I thought going by this old keyboard, placed right up the old mountain sign, that marks the path between the Simeonovo lakes and the Dragalevtsi district.

You know, since I’ve been in the IT industry for nearly a decade, I had the feeling knowledge was the food I needed to feed my brain cells. Every new language I learned, every new skill I acquired made me feel like I am coming close to knowing why I was sent here. In the meanwhile, my professional sports career covered the physical part of the meaning of my existence.

But after being in nature for a longer period of time, I came to realize… It’s been here far longer than me, far longer before Bill Gates and the PC. Far longer before success had become a ground base for happiness. Because when you think about it… Why do we do the things we do?

Why do we strive to become better at our business career and build a successful business? Why do we train and give our best in order to be on top of the world in our sport? Why do we workout and eat healthy in order to have the most amazing body? Why do we look for love and affection? Why do we want to build the most amazing home and have the most amazing family?

Because we want to be happy! For everyone happiness is defined differently. Pick any of the above or just define one for yourself. Just try it! Write it down! Right at the bottom of your New Year’s resolution list (and don’t forget to include “Start taking care of my health and my body” – just a friendly reminder hahah).

I really like how Tony Robbins uses Robin Williams’s life and sudden death to explain what he defines as success and what is the difference between Achievement and Fulfillment. Feels like I can now name the most deadly super powers of each of my new Mortal Combat characters 😀

2-minute video you won’t regret watching:


“Do not look for happiness outside yourself. The awakened seek happiness inside.”

-Petar Danov

Waiting for Bill to strike back…

To be continued 😉

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