Bill Gates vs Petar Danov 0:1

"Ultimately, the PC will be a window to everything people are interested in - and everything we need to know." -Bill Gates Now these are two interesting future Mortal Combat characters. Just imagine: Bill Gates, in his business suit and nerdy glasses, using the most ultra High-Tech weapons he designed himself and which no other character has ever had access to... Versus Petar Danov - dressed... Continue Reading →

Kids, grown-ups and and chin-ups

Now that article headline sounds weird... Nadia must have been under the sun without a hat for too long... again! What do childhood stuff and one upper-body skill-specific program have in common? And that photo... How does weighted pull-ups or dips transfer to anything beyond gyms? Gyms are for grown-ups, schools and playgrounds - for... Continue Reading →

The Island Ghost

What if someone throws you on an unknown island and you need to find your own way out? What if you can't speak? What if you can't ask for directions? What if you can touch, feel, listen, explore, sense and communicate with strangers only through gestures? How does that sound? Have you ever felt like... Continue Reading →

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